ORA-1578 or Broken Standby

ORA-1578 / ORA-26040 Corrupt blocks by NOLOGGING – Error explanation and solution (Doc ID 794505.1)
How to identify the corrupt Object reported by ORA-1578 / RMAN / DBVERIFY (Doc ID 819533.1)

Rolling a Standby Forward using an RMAN Incremental Backup To Fix The Nologging Changes (Doc ID 958181.1)
ORA:1578 ORA-26040 On Active Data Guard (Doc ID 1320878.1)
OERR: ORA-26040 “Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option ” Reference Note (Doc ID 71344.1)


SQL> select force_logging from v$database;


SQL> select tablespace_name, force_logging from dba_tablespaces;

TABLESPACE_NAME                FOR
—————————— —
SYSTEM                         YES
SYSAUX                         YES
UNDOTBS1                       NO
TEMP                           NO
USERS                          NO

SQL> create table t.nologg tablespace users nologging as select 1 d from dual;

Table created.


SQL> select * from t.nologg;
select * from t.nologg
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 4, block # 315)
ORA-01110: data file 4: ‘/home/oracle/base/DB03/datafile/o1_mf_users_08qsr5fo_.dbf’
ORA-26040: Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option

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