Don’t Waste Money On Information Technology

Suppose you have a startup of business but you aren’t sure that the idea is correct and you’ll get the profit. As a storage and processing of large amounts of data you selected Oracle database. You ready to invest in aggressive ad to attract customers dramatic, but just don’t want to buy expensive storage systems from IBM, HP, Hitachi, NetApp and other vendors. You want to build and grow your Internet service as a building, constructing additions floor by floor, depending on the line of business. However, you are aware that investments in ad will give you a a lot of visitors to your web site and you must serve them without delay. Because the negative unavailability of your web site will lead to loss of reputation.

You need to have the system load connections kept outside during peak hours. It must be resistant to the failures of the drives and should be foolproof administrators that happen as we are all human and sometimes messy. The bricks for the construction of floors of our house will be a node in the cluster. We can add nodes to the cluster, depending on the development of our business in volume and geography.

The main problem of building such a system will be a storage system, which should be handled by all nodes of the cluster. The nodes of cluster we can buy without any issues, like a buying a home computer in the shop. The storage system is a piece not cheap and experts and licenses for terabytes as well. The question arises when you choose what size, what level and vendor to buy. I don’t think that you will buy an expensive item suddenly. You will need time to conduct a proper sizing.

I propose to build the storage system itself from inexpensive components. First, we need a couple of machines and a couple of 1U storages with disks. Cluster we will build as a kit from the host and a shelf, thus it is necessary to establish a process to each host cluster handle all disks with each shelf.

For the node of cluster we can use Supermicro motherboard for 1U size. There are not bad shelfs from AIC.

Our cluster of two sets of host + 1U storage will cost about 40k ($). It’s all about the base. About Application Server I can’t say anything, it depends on the application and blog is focused on the database.

Let’s share our disks to each other host. The experience of building low-cost storage I acquired working in Russian company Yandex (Thanks a lot to Yandex).

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